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Financial Advice

Managing the maze that is your finances can often leave you feeling confused, stressed or just completely overwhelmed.

As a result, many of us just choose to bury our heads in the sand, hoping that it will all somehow just magically work itself out.

But just as that broken power point won’t fix itself unless you call in a trusted electrician, your finances are likely to remain in a state of disarray until you seek expert help in the form of a financial adviser and take charge. We like to refer to the process of managing your life – including your money – as the business of life.

We believe most of the best things in life don’t just happen. We all have to make them happen, with the help of clear goals and a focused plan to get there.

At West End Group, based in Perth, we help you organise your life and finances, so you have more control over the outcome.

We take the guesswork and emotion out of financial decisions and planning, by harnessing the knowledge, analysis and research skills of dozens of our trusted professional partners. This means we are able to provide the care and personalised approach of a boutique advisory firm, while offering the services of a much larger company.

From superannuation to understanding investment options and pensions, we will expertly guide you through the often-complex world of finance, while explaining in clear language what’s needed to best succeed in your situation.

We’ve also got your business finances covered. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young entrepreneur going it alone for the first time, or the owner of a multi-million dollar property or business portfolio – we have the expertise to help you make clear decisions, handle your tax and insurances matters and save you time and money.

We can manage, and regularly review, your investment portfolio, making any necessary adjustments needed to maximise your returns.

We also work with you to anticipate life decisions that might be around the corner, such as having more children, preparing to go part-time or retire.

Financial planning isn’t just for high-income earners or older people. We believe having access to some of the best minds in the business can make an enormous difference to your life, choices and peace of mind, no matter what you have in the bank already.

We want you to have the best life possible, and believe that your hard-earned money, used wisely, is a vehicle to not only reach your life goals – but to have the best relationships and opportunities possible.

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