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Your Friendly Financial Advisor

Celebrating 51 years

Your Friendly Financial Advisor


Business of Life

Think a financial adviser is only for someone nearing retirement? We’d encourage you to think again.

We believe that the best type of financial planning begins early. That way you’re not only ahead of the game when planning for retirement – but you’re also setting clear financial goals so that you can comfortably afford all of life’s other adventures along the way.

There are many ways in which a financial adviser can help you navigate the journey, from advice on superannuation, to budgeting, saving for your wedding or first home, regrouping your finances post-divorce, or freeing up money for your children’s university fees or that long European trip you’ve always dreamt of.

Planning your financial success in 4 easy steps

Your financial journey starts here

From saving for a house, to budgeting for a baby, starting a business, investing or planning for retirement, we know that every life journey is different.

However, while everyone has different goals and aspirations, we believe that the best things in life usually don’t just happen. You have to make them happen, by making concrete plans of how you’ll get there. We call this process the business of life.

At West End Group, we’re here to help provide a tailored strategy to reach your financial goals, so you can get on with the business of enjoying life – while knowing your financial future has been expertly taken care of.

How we can help

    No matter what stage of life you’re at – from buying your first home to preparing your estate for future generations – we’re here to help. From tackling debts, to budgeting, defining your financial goals, and how to invest, our advice is tailor made for you.
  • Investment Advice
    When it comes to investments, we have access to a huge base of knowledge on everything from managed funds to shares, property and superannuation. We’ll provide you with the best options to suit your situation and attitude to risk.
  • Retirement Planning
    Do you know how much money you’ll need for a comfortable retirement? It’s never too early to start planning, and we’ll help provide the roadmap needed to enjoy your post-work adventures.
  • Risk Insurance
    Things can and do go wrong. We’ll make sure you’re covered for any eventuality by having right the insurance you need – from life insurance, to income protection, business insurance and everything in-between.
  • Financial Modelling
    We may not have a crystal ball, but we are experts in the closest thing: financial modelling, which allows us to predict your financial situation well into the future. This allows us to make informed financial decisions over the long term and what strategy you should do today to build your wealth over time.
  • Tax & Assets Protection Strategies
    Is a trust enough to protect your assets? What are the different types of trusts? And are there tax implications to using certain investment structures? We’ll walk you through the finer details, so you can rest easy.

Knowledge Centre

Our Financial Knowledge Centre is a very comprehensive resource of useful information about investing and the rest of the business of your life, organised into easy bites.

There’s a great selection of videos included, along with more detailed learning modules, articles, a jargon-buster, some useful financial claculators (such as a budget planner) and even some fun quizzes.